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Pro/ENGINEER Piping Design

Overview | New Features

Piping design and manufacture

The typical design and manufacturing process for pipe systems is not optimal. Usually involving manual routing through prototypes, it is time-consuming and error-prone.  Pro/ENGINEER Piping Design offers a solution.  Its ability to extract logic from schematics automates 3D pipe routing.  And, with its complete, associative documentation and interface to CNC bending machines, it reduces scrap and rework.

Capabilities & Benefits:

  • Logically reference Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer schematics to capture all relevant systems information
  • Full routing capabilities, including specification-driven design, adheres to design rules and schematic logic
  • Included and customizable library of standard fittings fosters design speed and re-use
  • Manufacturability and interference checking eliminate need for physical prototypes
  • Accurate documentation — isometric drawings, bend tables, bills of material — enables cost-effective manufacturing
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