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If "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words..." Well, you get the idea. It is true today that animating your product is more than just being eye-catching and cool. People, companies, and government agencies have come to expect it. You see more animations in product advertising and instruction today because the tools required to create high quality movies are more readily available.

Please note that animations on this page are compressed videos for internet viewing and therefore are of a lesser quality than the actual videos which are broadcast quality.

Show Off Your Product

You no longer need a team of expensive Hollywood special effects artists. Let us show you how easy and inexpensive it can be. The following videos are just a sample of the animations we have done. If you desire, audio and voice over can be added easily or we can create customized sound tracks.

Dynamic Image Rendering with Smoke Effect:

With Sound - Trade Show Advertising:

Visualize Your Product In Action

You may want to advertise your product by showing how it works in an actual environment, but it is difficult or impossible to get the video image you are looking for. We can calculate precise cause and effect dynamic events using analysis, then drive the animations from the data.

Over Water Formation of F-16s:
Weapon Operation – OICW:

Illustrate Medical Processes and Accident Reconstruction

Medical processes are easier to explain to patients and customers by using animations. We can output to many electronic file types or to video tape formats.

Heart Stint Installation:

Accident Reconstruction

There may be reasons that your product or someone else’s product has failed and you need to communicate how a series of events unfolded. Perhaps someone was injured and you need to recreate the accident or show the injury.

Time-Lapsed CAT Scan Images of Infant Skull Fracture:

Just a few of the reasons why you need animations:

  • Communicate a process to users or customers
  • Show off your product in a realistic setting
  • Understand how all the parts fit and move together
  • Illustrate capabilities of your product
  • Explain product advantages
  • Recreate important events
  • Understand the physics behind a series of events
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