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Welcome to Speed Consulting
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Specialized Finite Element Analysis

Insight to the integrity of your design.

Competitive and harsh environmental conditions force design teams to “get it right the first time,” making it critical to understand product performance early in the development cycle. With a team of specialized analytical consultants that have years of industry expertise, Speed Consulting offers their clients the ability to fully evaluate and optimize their designs, improve product quality, and reduce costs associated with prototypes.

We offer a breadth of specialized analytical services including:

  • Fracture and Fatigue
  • Thermal (Steady State & Transient)
  • Modal, Buckling, Non-Linear Analyses
  • Dynamic (Time, Frequency, Shock & Random)
  • Base Excitation, Rigid-Flexible Body Motion Analysis
  • Gear Design & Analysis
  • Fluid Flow
  • Mechanisms, Cam and Slot Design
  • Rendered Animations


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