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Machine Design Services
Machine Design Services At Speed Consulting we offer clients the opportunity to leverage our skill and experience with our machine design services. We provide consulting, and prototyping services for machines, complete systems, and mechanisms. Drawing from our extensive experience in designing for moving parts, we work with our customers to define objectives and realize desired outcomes. Our expertise extends to hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical powered products, for applications across a broad spectrum of industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, food processing, marine, manufacturing, mining, and many others.

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Product Development and Mechanical Design Consulting Services
Product Development and Mechanical Design Consulting Services At Speed Consulting we are pleased to offer product development and mechanical design consulting services, providing innovative solutions for customers seeking to actualize new ideas or optimize product lines. Conceptual design is the primary stage of the design process, encompassing ideation, development, and refinement of the concept. Our experienced design team collaborates with clients to flesh out and mature initial ideas, identifying and eliminating shortcomings. We are able to step in where a project may be stalled, or where a design challenge seems to overwhelm staff and resources. We work in line with the fit, form, and function framework.

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Extruded Products Consulting Services
Extruded Products Consulting Services For businesses with extruded product lines or those considering the production of extruded parts, at Speed Consulting we offer development and product improvement assistance with our extruded products consulting services. Our experience in this area will improve productivity and output, directly impacting profitability. We have worked with customers in an array of industries, amassing invaluable practical knowledge that we pass on to our clients to lessen their time to market and bypass costly mistakes. As part of an in-depth consultation and product evaluation, our team starts with conceptual development and product definition, determining part objectives and designing for intended product performance.

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Energy and Petroleum Products Consulting Services
Energy and Petroleum Products Consulting Services At Speed Consulting, we recognize the particular challenges faced in bringing products to market in the energy sector. We boast years of experience working with many major oil companies, developing and optimizing their machinery and tools. This work has prepared us to assist customers with the development of energy and petroleum products. Offering personalized attention, we will establish innovative and comprehensive solutions for reliable machinery utilized in the discovery, extraction, delivering, and processing of natural resources for energy production.

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Electronics/Thermal Control Systems Consulting Services
Electronics/Thermal Control Systems Consulting Services With the use of electronic systems at an all-time high, companies are seeing a surge in the demand for reliable and efficient electronic devices. At Speed Consulting we offer experienced product development services for electronics and thermal control systems, leveraging our team of engineers to provide support from concept to manufacturing. We help customers achieve their design and production goals, performing a range of services including designing for manufacturability and reliability, and providing advanced analysis for ensured product safety and high performance.

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