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Welcome to Speed Consulting
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The Benefits of Speed Consulting

Pleasant People

We have a staff of highly respected consultants who go beyond the norm in achieving customer satisfaction. These talented people are not only technically capable, but they are also great with people. You will not have to deal with overbearing, arrogant, or vague consultants. At Speed Consulting, we are very selective with who we want to represent our company.

Competitive Pricing

Our work is performed by experts, who work more efficiently. Less time means less money. We pass that savings on to you! Using highly qualified people also means that we do not have to "pad" our estimates for possible mistakes. We learn on our own time, not yours. Our pricing is competitive not only because we work "smarter", but because we want your business! Happy customers give referrals, and we want your referrals.

On-Site Project Assistance

Rather than hand us a single model as you would normally think of as a contracting job, Speed Consulting can assist you on a project basis as well. This is where you need to get from point A to point B, and are really not sure of the most efficient way to get there. You and your associates have lots of questions that may cover several subjects. With one visit we can give you the answers you are looking for. We will sit down with you while you try out our recommendations. We will show you the best way to use the software for your products, and tricks and techniques that you might need to know for your unique needs. The software works the same way for everybody, but how it should be used from company to company may indeed vary.
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