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NASA Johnson Eng.
Speed Consulting delivers consulting services to duplicate buoyancy forces on Robotic Manipulator Arm used in NASA buoyancy lab for training the astronauts. Read More
Flowboy Trailers
Simulate cornering stresses, analysis reduces weld failures. Read More
Roush Racing NASCAR
Optimized Mark Martin's (Roush Racing) "6 car" chassis stiffness, Jack Roush uses Speed Consulting for P-51 rocker arm stress reduction analysis. Read More
4 STAR Trailers
Stress minimization studies frame reinforcement, mass minimization. Read More
Craftsman Tools
Geometry variations to improve grip, novel approaches revealed significant strength improvements. Read More
Feller Buncher frame redesign analysis, stress points minimized, Speed Consulting provides additional manpower preventing schedule delays. Read More
Intermedic Orthopedic
FEA analysis bypassed FDA retest requirement for materials change, 6 month delay would've missed multimillion dollar market opportunity. Read More
Ranger Bass Boats
Composite (fiberglass) hull modeling for the Ranger Bass Boat line. Read More
Stanley Tools
Torque Wrench mechanism studies mfg variances on tool accuracy, Speed Consulting trains with model handoffs. Read More
Dynamic modeling to balance reel spinning mass minimize wobble; provided marketing edge to compete against offshore reels, customers prefer "balanced" reels. Read More
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