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We have contracted Speed Consulting to provide engineering services to our company and to assist in developing proprietary engineering analysis tools to aid in the design of long range sniper rifle systems for use by our nations war fighters and front line law enforcement officers. We have been very happy with the association Randy and his team. Speed Consulting has been exceptionally responsive to our engineering design and calculation needs. Working with the team at Speed Consulting has been a great experience as they have always exceeded our expectations. Their services were high in quality and on schedule.. We look forward to a continued relationship with Speed Consulting and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable engineering partner.
Gary Vance
Manager, Engineering Services
Ashbury Precision Ordnance / Ashbury International Group Inc.

I worked with Speed Consulting on a container stress analysis to determine if a press fit condition would generate stresses that exceed the container strength and cause a rupture at worse case conditions. The result confirmed that the part dimensions limits did not generate a stress beyond the containers design capability. The analysis was thorough and generated a confidence on the design not achievable by rules of thumb or other engineering judgment. The shape of the container, not being round, caused us to question our usual methods and look for an improved analytical method. Speed consulting provided a solid analytical foundation for the design. Since project completion and production of the part, no part has failed.

Galen Smith
Senior Principal Engineer
Implantable Electronic Systems Division
Power Components Group
St. Jude Medical

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